Pistol / Carbine 1 & 2 Class Details


Class is a 2-day weekend class. $250 for the whole weekend.

Renaissance Shooting Club :

22633 FM 1774, Plantersville, TX 77363

Range Fee $20 / Day

Drawing from years of Ranger, Marine, Law-enforcement and Competitive Shooting knowledge and experience, we have put together a realistic training program that will undoubtedly help you see improvements.  We make no claims that our course will make you as good as a SEAL.  To be as good as a SEAL, you have to be a SEAL. 

Day 1 - Carbine

The objective of this class is to instill the necessary basic and intermediate skills to ensure students leave the course with a full understanding of carbine operation, safe and proper firing techniques, and tactical application of those principles. 

After this course, students will demonstrate improved skill in fast target acquisition, putting multiple rounds on target quickly, manipulation of weapon controls, rapid magazine changes, malfunction clearing, move and shoot, and firing from cover.

Day 2 - Pistol & Transitions

On Day 2 of the course, the students being familiar with the drills and cadence of the Carbine drills, will now apply what they know to the pistol. After which, rifle-to-pistol transitions will be practiced, incorporating all lessons in a complex set of drills to form a realistic view of a challenging environment.

At the end of Day 2, students will see vastly improved weapons manipulation, target engagement, and transition skills. This will culminate in running our obstacle course and engaging multiple targets while transitioning between both weapons.

Drill 1 - Height over Bore (5 yds)

Drill 2 - Controlled Pairs

Drill 3 - Hammer Pairs

Drill 4 - Magazine Changes

Drill 5 - Mozambique Drill

Drill 6 - Box Drill

Drill 7 - Hammer Pairs, 2 Targets

Drill 8 - Support Side

Drill 9 - Positions

Drill 10 - Chaos

Drill 11 - Move & Shoot

Drill 12 - Obstacle Course


Carbine Rifle w/ Sling (rentals available for $30/day)

Pistol w/ IWB or OWB holster (rentals available for $20/day)

Kit - Such as Plate Carriers, Battle Belt, Duty Belt, Chest Rig (some method of holding mags)

Minimum of 3 mags per weapon is preferred.

320 Carbine Rounds (you can get by with 200 if necessary)

150 Pistol Rounds (minimum 100)

Ear & Eye Protection

Optional : Elbow and Knee Pads (helps a lot!)

Pen and Notepad

Range appropriate clothing with closed-toed  shoes.


Sunscreen/bug spray


Gun Cleaning Kit

Speed loader if you have one, we load a lot of mags.

Water, Drinks, Lunch, Snacks (we have a lot to teach, so we eat on the fly)

Bring an attitude of excitement, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn!


Note: If you don't have some of the gear required, please let us know.  We have rentals, spares and loaners available. We don't want you to miss out on training due to a gear limitation.

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