Pistol 1 & 2 Class Details


Class is a 1-day class. $150

Renaissance Shooting Club :

22633 FM 1774, Plantersville, TX 77363

Students should arrive at range office about 8:15am to sign range waiver and watch a brief safety video.

Students should be at the instruction site and ready to learn at 9:00am. The Class is usually over around 3:00pm (plus or minus 30 minutes).

This course cover the basics and fundamentals of good pistol shooting as well as solid weapons handling and defensive deployment of a handgun. Our focus is on safety and marksmanship, utilizing a variety of drills designed to develop speed, accuracy, and precision.

Pistol 1 & 2 (Basic-Intermediate)

On part 1 of the course, the students will begin with safety instruction, stance, draw, grip, pistol hold and sight alignment. Even for more experienced shooters, the idea is to reinforce fundamentals that may be lacking before moving into actual shooting. Shooting drills then follow in a slowly increasing round-count cadence.
Part 2 of the course is designed around presenting students with new knowledge, ideas, and principles to employ their weapon in a defensive situation, and keep the weapon functioning throughout a potential engagement. Malfunction clearing, rapid magazine changes, and rapid fire at multiple targets is the end goal of the class.

Drill 1 - Safe pistol handling

Drill 2 - Science of great shooting

Drill 3 - Stance

Drill 4 - Upper body positioning

Drill 5 - Grip

Drill 6 - Sight Alignment (Red dot and Iron sights)

Drill 7 - Trigger manipulation

Drill 8 - Vision and target focus

Drill 9 - Slow and rapid fire

Drill 10 - Clearing Malfunctions

Drill 11 - Rapid Magazine changes

Drill 12 - Drawing from a Holster

Drill 13 - Multiple target engagement

Drill 14 - Instructor led drill

Drill 15 - Great shooting hacks to make you a better shooter


Pistol w/ IWB or OWB holster (rentals available for $20/day)

Belt, or Duty Belt (some method of holding holster and mags)

Minimum of 2 mags but 3 mags is preferred.

250 - 300 Pistol Rounds

Ear & Eye Protection

Speed loader if you have one

Pen and Notepad

Range appropriate clothing with closed-toed  shoes.


Sunscreen/bug spray


Water, Drinks, Lunch, Snacks (we have a lot to teach, so we eat on the fly)

Rain gear in case of inclement weather (we do use pop-up conapies).

Bring an attitude of excitement, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn!


Note: If you don't have some of the gear required, please let us know.  We have rentals, spares and loaners available. We don't want you to miss out on training due to a gear limitation.

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